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I started learning about crystals when I was 16yrs old & exploring my witchy side. Being Irish, there is a history of the worship of Nature & her ability to heal. I spent hours in crystal stores & apothecaries learning about semi precious stones & metals, how to bead, bend & wrap metal wire, & play with spells. Later in life I discovered yoga. Yoga is also about learning how nature can heal our ills, using the bodies natural intelligence & ayurveda’s natural potions to cure. Spells, potions, incantations led to intention setting, the study of natural remedies, & Reiki; different names for the same thing. My desire to help people live better lives grew into a career as a yoga teacher & Reiki practitioner. 



During one of my trips to India (March 2015) I rediscovered my love of crystals & making jewelry. I was visiting with a street merchant on the Ashoka Rd in Mysore. For years I have brought my broken malas to him to be re strung. I sat with him & watched him restring my beads & something sparked in me. I went home & attempted to string my first piece with some beads I had with me. I brought the finished piece back to the street merchant. He took one look at it, shook his head, cut the string, and re-made the whole thing! But I wasn’t discouraged. I brought it home, took it apart, & re-did it. I brought it back to him 4-5 times. Each time he shook his head & re-made the piece. On my final trip, he looked at it, smiled, bobbed his head in approval & handed it back. I chose to sit with him daily & watch him work. Some days I brought beads to work with along side him. He would laugh at how clumsy I was! Until the day the laughter changed. And he smiled, pat me on the shoulder & give me a thumbs up. 


The first mala I made in completion, with my mala Guru’s approval, I gifted to my yoga Guru. I wanted to give him something special. Something made just for him. I chose the stones carefully, using a mix of wood & jasper for his piece. I was nervous giving it to him. That he wouldn’t like it. But he did! From that first piece, made with thought & intention, this labor of love was born. Each piece is carefully thought out, the stones & wood chosen for their healing properties, and specifically for the person that the piece is being made for. Each piece is hand crafted. Each piece is unique in it’s own way. I can’t wait to make one for you!


Emma  xoxo                                                                           


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