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If you find yourself drawn to mala beads, but you don't know how to choose one — don't worry, I can custom make one for you.


All I need from you is:


1. A budget - custom full 108 pieces start at $100 & go up based on materials used. Custom bracelets start at $50.


2. What do you want to Manifest? Health, wealth, release of fear, love, peace, stress release, fertility, confidence, etc


3. What are your favourite colour's?


4. Do you want wood beads? Stone beads? Sandalwood beads? Rudraksha seeds? Combo?


5. Tassle or stone pendant?


That's it! We go from there! 

All gemstones carry different intentions and qualities. Looking at the gemstones is a great place to start. I've listed a few of my favourites below. Check out the Stones page for pictures of the beads.


Abundance: White Agate 

Opalite Love: Rose Quartz

RhodoniteSpiritually/Tranquility/Peace: Amethyst,  Sea Bamboo

Strength: Lava Wood

Fearlessness: Green Aventurine

Grounding: Agate (any agate), Jasper

Patience: Howlite

Confidence: Aquamarine,  Citrine

Protection: Turquoise

Stress Release: Onyx

Fertility: Carnelian, Garnet

Positive energy: Clear Quartz, citrine

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